Wednesday 30 January 2013

Sample question paper for ssc mts exam 16th and 23rd February 2014. Multi Tasking

Ssc recently published the recruitment notification for multi tasking staff examination 2014. ssc this year published state wise separate notification for  ssc mts post. Exam date of multi tasking staff is declared. First batch ssc mts exam will be conducted on 10 march 2013 and 2nd batch examination will be hold on 17 march 2013.
Today we will discuss on some important topic which will be most important for upcoming ssc multi tasking exam.
Section name: General Awareness     Total Q: 50    Total marks: 50
Question type: Objective MCQ     time: 2 hour (10 am to 12 noon)
Minus marking: yes -.25
According to the exam notification of ssc mts the dates for the exam are 16th and 23rd February 2014.
Hot topic best for preparation:
Sport     , History: , Culture , Geography , Economics science, Indian politics , Indian constitution , General science

Sample question paper
What will be the room temperature after opening refrigerator in room?
A: temperature will be increase
B. will be decrease
C. equal to previous temp
D:  temp will go in minus
Answer: room temperature will be increased

Q: Gravity on moon , in comparison to earth gravity ?
A. 6 times,     B 1/6 times     C 10 times    D 1/10 times
Answer : B

Q: which of the following statement is false regarding Rainbow ?
A. rainbow is appearing in rain     B some time two rainbow appearing at the same time    
C its appearing opposite direction of the sun     D none of these
Answer:  D

Q: computer IC (integrated circuit) is made of
A silicon     B chromium         C gold        D Led
Ans :A

Q: decibel (DB) is the unit of ‘
A frequency of  Sound     B Light    C intensity of Sound    D. wave length of Sound   
Answer:  C

Q: reason of fast cooking of food in cooker ?
A al heat contains in pressure cooker     B it increaser the temperature of the food inside the cooker     C it increase the boiling point     D. None of these
Ans : C
Q : Bulb filament is made of ?
A tungsten     B iron        C ni chrome     d carbon   
Ans : A

Q: sound speed will be maximum in following given medium ‘
A Vacuum    B Air     C water     D steal   
Ans :D

Q:  Sound PITCH will be maximum of the following
A lion     B mosquito     C human    D elephant
Ans :B

Q: major element of skin is
A collagen     B polymer     C Carbohydrate     D nuclick acid
Ans : A

Q :  pellagra disease happen due to lack of following  nutrition
A thymine    B ascorbic acid     C Niyacin  D . none of these
Ans : c

Q if a man only eat Milk and , egg , bread then which disease will be happened /
A Rickets      B berry Berry     C Scurvy     D None of these
Answer : C


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