Wednesday 24 July 2013

Previous year Question paper of SSC Higher Secondary Level Exam 2015

important General awareness GS General Study General knowledge GK Questions for Upcoming SSC Exams
Q 1 Which one among the following food crops is not categorized under millets’ ?
(a) Ragi    (h) Wheat    (c) Bajra    (d) Jowar

Q 2 The trade-off between inflation and unemployment ts known as
(a) cost-push inflation
(b) demand-pull inflation
(c) Phillips curve approach to inflation
(d) Stagflation

Q 3 Who wrote thc book Polities’?
(A) Bodin    B Rousseau     C milli     D Aristotle

Q : 4 : 1942 Movement was called as
(A) Civil Disobedience Movement
(B) Khilafat Movement
(C) Quit India Movement
(D) Passive Resistance (Satyagraha) Movement

Q : 5 Who said “The State exists for individuals, individuals do not exist for the State?
(A) C.EM. Joad    (B) Barker    (C) Laski    (D) Machiavelli

Q : 6 Hibernation phenomenon is noticed in
(A) Cosmonauts (B) Avians    (C) Mamrnalians    (D) Amphibians

Q 7 : Dengueisa
(A) viral infection    (B) fungal infection    (C) bacterial infection    (D) protozoan infection

Q 8 Bio-diesel, a kind of non-conventional source of energy, which is obtained
(A) Sugarcane (B) Jatropha    (C) Castor plant    (D) Mustard plant

Q 9 Who was the first Indian soldier to refuse to use the greased cartridge?
(A) Nana Saheb (B) Bahadur Shah (C) Mangal Pandey (D) Tantia Tope

Q 10 The world’s most important renewable energy resource is
(A) Natural vegetation    (B) Water    (C) Solar radiation    (D) Tidal waves

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Unknown said...

3 -d
10-a or b
(ans. Not confirmd )

Anonymous said...

answer to question 10 is most probably c

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