Wednesday 24 July 2013

KVS Question Paper PRT Recruitment 2013 Previous Year for Primary Teacher

Kendriya Vidyalaya PRT Primary Teacher PRT written Exam Previous Year Question Paper English section with Answer 
KVS PRT Model Sample Question paper for Primary Teacher.

Q 1: the most important type of Teaching reading English is  ?
A Loud Reading     B Silent reading     C Rapid Reading     D Both B and C

Answer: B

Q: 2 important material of teaching reading are
A Black board and Flash Board card     B Picture and games     C Action     D all of these
Answer : D

Q: 3 composition is of two type which are
A oral and written     B Guided and Free     C Formal and informal     D literary and grammatical
Answer : A

Q : 4 The answer of objective type question are
A Short     B Very Short     C Long     D very long
Answer: B

Q 5 : one who speaks on behalf of other
A orator     B veteran     C Suicide     D spokesman
Answer : D

Q 6 : a piece of writing u sing more word that required
A Sufficient     B verbose     C Ambiguity     D scanty   
Answer : B

Q: 7 An assembly of listeners
A listeners     B spectators     C audience     D visitors
Answer : D

Q : 8 opposite of Ebb
A Fall         B wane    C Edible     Rise
Answer : D

Q : 9  Synonyms of Eulogy
A panegyric         B Dispraising     C Volatiles         D Rare 
Answer : A

Q 10 you a unjust ,,,,,,,, that Boy
A But         B to     C for         D beside
Answer : B


Anonymous said...

plz if possible then kindly arrange a question paper containing all the portions of the that we can able to have an idea of the it...:-)

Himanshu said...

Good knowledge.....

Unknown said...

kindly post the mock test paper on official website for prt recruiment so that we may know the exam pattern

Unknown said...

give questions of another subjects.... thanx.. for this...

Trejo Maverick said...

I passed the exam last week and got A from my teacher.

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