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ssc previous year solved question papers for CGL Tier 1 2013

Model Sample Question paper with Solution | solve previous year question of ssc cgl tier 1 exam 
Q: k is the brother of N and X, Y is the mother of N and Z is the father of K which of the following answer is not correct
A.    K is the son of the Z    
B.    B. Y is the wife of Z    
C.    C. K is the son of Y    
D.    D. k is the father of X
E.    E. N is the brother of X
Hint : how to solve blood relation questions clearly mentioned in question that N and X’s brother name is K so Y who is the mother of Na and Z who is the father of K , will be mother and father of all three, however its no cleared in question that about gender of N so answer will be E

Q: reema is two time older in comparison sumita, 3 year ago , she was three time as old as sumita , how old is reema now ?
A. 6 yr     B. 7YR     C. 8yr         D. 12yr
Hint: How to solve such type of question
Lets consider sumita’s current age – x
Then Reema age will be – 2x
Before 3 yer ago sunmita gae will be = x-3 and reema’s age will be = 2x-3
So its clear that (2x-3)=3(x-3) after solving this equation you will found x=6
So reemas present age will be 2x or 2*6=12 year

Q: if + denote / ,  – denotes *, / denotes +, x denotes – then
A 2    B 18        C 42    D 6 ½        D None of these
Hint: answer C
Hot so solve: first of all solve all brackets, after that division after that multiplication and last addition and subtraction. Just remember a formula for solving such types of question BODMAS
BODAMAS is the acronym of Bracket of Davison, Multiplication Addition, and Subtraction

Sample Question : if + denote /, * denote -, /denotes *,- denotes + then
A -12     B-20/3     C. 12     D - 20/3    E. none of these
Hint answer : -20/3

Which of the following answer is correct after interchanging symbol and letters ?
Q: - to + and 4 to 8
A . 6-8/4=-1     B. 8-6/4=1    C. 4/8-2=6     D. 4-8/6=2
Answer : C

Arrange following option in appropriate sequence order
Q: 1 rainbow     2 rain    3 Sun    4 happy     5 child
A.21435    B 23154    C. 42351    D 45123
Hint Solution : B> meaning full sequence will be 23154 like first of rain event fired, after that sun arise, then rainbow appearing in the sky , rainbow seen by child , after seening a child becomes happy

more sample question with answer for ssc combined graduate level examination 14 April 2013 , 21 April 2013 will be available here shortly


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vijay is older than his sister by 12 years. four years ago, vijay was four times as old as his sister.find their present age.

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