Tuesday 12 February 2013

Interview Preparation for SSC Exam tips Guideline And Suggestion 2015

Staff selection commission every hold examination for various category and various department. Selection procedure for various post are based on the just written examination but for some important posts ssc conducts and interview test. For example in cgl recruitment, an interview test will be conducted. For the recruitment of CPO sub inspector, Delhi police sub inspector an interview test will be also conducted. Many candidates every year success to qualify the written exam but in the last they disqualified in interview exam due to lack of enough guidance and strategy. Candidates just concentrated preparation for written exam but never give their attention on how to face and interview test or build their personality for the requirement of officer post.

For helping those candidates we discusses with some qualified candidates who recently clear their interview exam. They share their experience with us. Some of the useful guideline for the preparation of Interview test as is follows

As per as concern interview content you can divide it into 4 part

Conditional Interview: in this way and interview seeks information in the applicant that which would be related to behavior of the candidates in a particular condition. They just provide your condition after that according to that situation they will start questioning to you. Condition or situational interviews are very common part of interview test. Such types of question are also asked in SSB interview and bank interview. Some of the very common example they can ask you that what you will take action on a worst conditions. Condition will be related to concerning post so just prepared for possible worst condition or problem related to your job profile.
You personal opinion will be most important for such type of interview. Give you answer which will be satisfactory and easy to execute not just like Superman Answer of rajnikant answer.

Performance related interview: they can ask you about you previous experience on particular topics. After that they will judge your behavior on concerning matters.

Recruited post Related Interview: in this type of interview, very common question will be asked for checking the awareness of candidates for concerning post. They can also ask about you previous Job or you Gap period between degree.

Pressurized interview: this is one of the most important phase for checking your stress and, sensitivity, and tolerance level. Interviews can provoke you after giving some bad comment or tonts so don’t loose your patience. Just manage this stress and don’t you’re your tolerance. They will continuously trying to make uncomfortable situation for you. But if you have officer like quality then definitely you will able to manage these things. Try to controlling your emotions.
I will give most popular tips for your upcoming ssc interview exam that. First impression is the last impression. Whole interview will be affected on your first impression so try to give a very impression after entering the room.
We will post some of the commons question for interview test here.


Anonymous said...

sir i am getting 400(tier1+2) will i be called for interview

Unknown said...

i m calling for interview for the post of s.i. what i can do in difficult situation?

Unknown said...

what step i take when terrest attack?

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