Thursday 7 February 2013

Latest general Awareness question for ssc Exam 2015: Economy related

These questions are asked in previous year examination conducted by staff selection commission. Its would be helpful to you as per as civil service perspective. Ssc will conducted 3 major examination on upcoming moths which are FCI tier 2 mains, CGL and constable GC exam. As per as concern start your preparation for general awareness from now 
Some of the important previous year Economy related question as follows with answer
Q : type of Indian economy ?
A centralized     B decentralized     C Directional     D None of these
Ans : B

Q: how many 5 year plan till date made by planning commission
A 7    B 9         C 10        D 11
Answer : D

Q: period  plan holiday in India was
A 1971 -78     B 1980-85     C 1978-83     D 1992-99
Answer: B

Q: which filed in 1st five year got the priority
A industrial development     B Agriculture     C service scoter    D export sector
Ans : B

Q format of 2nd 5 year plan was made by
A B.n gadgil     B B K R V rao      C  PC maha lobnis    D CN vakil
Ans: C

Q duration period of 7 five year plans was
A 1987 -92     B 1986 – 91    C 1985 -90 D 1988 94
Answer:  C

Q: duration of 8th five year plan was
A 1980-85     B 1982-87    C 1985-90    D 1992-97
Ans :  D

Q:  first chairman was planning commission
A JN Nehru    B J ram    C Guljari lal Nanda     D R K Sahdmukha shetthi   
Ans C

Q : who is the chairman of the planning commission ?
A minister of planning and development     B finance Minister     C prime minister D rural development minister
Ans : C

Q what is super 301 ?
A it’s a name of super computer B new brand of Rice     C section America trade act which makes a provision for maximum custom duty on import
D this is the new medicine of AIDS
Ans :C

Q : maximum imported assets by Indian in recent year
A Chemical Substance B iron      C petroleum         D     gold
Ans : C

Q: maximum foreign currency paid by Indian government for which assets ?
A petroleum         B fertilizer     C defense instrument     D Machinery
Ans : A

Q which area is the now fre trade area
A Kandla     B mumbai      C Vishakaha Pattnam D Tiruanantpuram
Ans: D

Q : Indian foreign trade institute is situate at
A new Delhi      B Hyderabad     C Mumbai      D Ahmadabad    
Ans : A

Q : NAMA  11 Group of country is famous for
A Nuclear supplier group      B word bank     C word trade committee D word trade organization
Answer:      D

Q: what is GATT ?
A Geneva agreement for trade and transport
B general agreement on traffics and tread
C guideline for assisting traffics and trade
D Government association for trade and transport
Answer : B

Q : word trade organization is the part of
A international currency fund     B UNO     C World bank      D founded by GATT counties for international trade
Answer: D

Q: FERA is replaced by
Answer: A


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