Saturday 2 February 2013

ssc constable gd Exam model question paper 2015

Staff selection commission (SSC) will hold written exam for the post of consablte GD / rifle man GD on  may 2015 at various center of Indian. will provide you all sample question paper / solve question paper and model paper for ssc constable gd exam 2015

Direction: P, Q, R, S, T is sitting in a circle facing the center, R is immediate left of T, P is between S and T.

Previous year Solved question paper for ssc constable exam 2015
Q: Six friend A, B, C, D, e and F are sitting in a close circle facing the centre a os facing D, C is between A and B. f is between e and A, who is to the immediate left of B ?
A a     B. c     C. d    D. e
Ans : B

Q: two find the answer to the above question, which of the following statement can be dispense with?
A none,     B  b only    C. C only    D b or C only    E none of these
Ans : A

Q: who is to the immediate left of R ?  
A P     B Q     C S     D T     E can not be determined
Ans: B

Direction: each of the following question are based on the following alphabet series

Q: which letter is Exactly midway between H and S in the given alphabet?
A l    B M    C N    D O    E none of these
Ans : 1E            

Q: in the English alphabet, which letter will be to the immediate left of M?
A N     B L     C O     D K        E none of these
Ans  B

Q which letter is sixteenth to the right of the letter which is fourth to the left of I?
 A s     b T     C U     D V     E Y
Ans C

Q: which alphabet comes immediately before the sixth alphabet from the left extreme of the given alphabet?
A E     B F    C G     D U     E V
Ans  A

Q: what is hydrogen gas ?
A CO +h2     B CO2 +h2    C NO+H2    D CH4+H2
Ans : A

Q: Which element of urea is used by plant ?
A    Potassium     B Nitrogen    C Phosphorus    D calcium    
Ans : B
Q : Region of the GREEN color of  tree and plant ?
A calcium element of earth     B chlorophyll    C mineral    D nitrogen in air   
Ans : B

Q: use of dynamo?
A convert high voltage to low voltage     B convert Low voltage to high Voltage
C convert mechanical energy to enteric energy     D Convert Electrical energy to mechanical energy
Ans : C

Q: which of the chemical is used for Ripping process of fruits ?
A ethylene    b Ethane    C Mythen     D carbon di oxide
Ans : A

Q: which task would be effect from  boot sector virus
A: Computer Starting and Booting      B computer Shut down    C Computer log off     D Computer Log on
Ans : A

Q: what is page maker :?
A DTP        B Antivirus     C system software    D. utility software     
Ans : A

Q ASCII stand for ?
A. American Stander can Stander character information interchange
B America stander code for information interchange
C American Stander for character information and inter change
D American stander code for information and inter change
Ans : B


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