Tuesday 23 April 2013

SSC Exam Solved Questions Paper 2013

Q 51 Which of the following metals is used in Space Crafts to withstand high temperatures?
(A) FE (B) Ti  (C)Ni (D)Pb 

52 Over use of resource is called “Tragedy of Commons” It was propounded by:
(A) Carett Hardin (B) Setigman  C Adolph Wagner D  A.P.Lern

53. “National Youth Day” is marked on:
(A) januarvy5 (B) January 9  (C) January 8 (13) January 12

54. The highest altitude (4411 meters above sea level) is  f:
(A) Daocheng Yading Airport
(B) Heathrow Airport
(C) KathmandU Airport
(D) Bangda Airport

55. Which of the following is protected under Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972
(A) Porcupine (B) Gerbil  (C) Bandicoot rat (D) squirrel

56. Brass gets discolored in air due to constant exposure in presence of:
(A) Aluminium phosphide
(13) Hydrogen sulphide
(C) Hydrogenated wafers
(D) Aluminium suiphide

57. A NOT gate can be implemented by:
(A) a single diode (B) two diodes (C) a single resistor (D) a single transistor

58. Article I of the Indian Constitution declares “India that is Bharat” is a:
(A) Union of States
(B) Federal State with Unitary features
(C) Unitary State with federal features
(D) Federal State

59. Plantation of trees on a large scale to check soil erosion are called:
(A) Shelter belts
(B) Contour ploughing
(C) Strip cropping
(13) A Forestation

60. Persistence of vision is the Principle behind:
(A) Binocular (B) Cinema (C) Periscope (13) Camera

61. Thinner particles responsible for deteriorating the air-quality resulting in the damage of vital body organs are referred as PM
(A) 15.5 (B) 10.5 (C) 2.5 (13) 20.5
62. What is ‘Miindapanho’?
(A) A Buddhist place
(B) One of the names of Buddha
(C) A Buddhist Specimen of art
D) A Buddhist text

63. of the following, in which did Napoleonic France suffer final defeat?
(A) Battle of Trafalgar
(B) Battle of Wagrani
(C) Battle of Pyramids
(DI Battle of Austerlitz

64 An example of protein which acts as a hormone is:.
(A) Trypsin (B) Oxytocin (C) Keratin (13) Casein

65 The fat of a common mussel secretes a sticky glue that can be used to make heart implants. The unique chemical compound present in the glue Is:
(A) Amino phenyl alanine
(B) Hydroxy phenyl alanine
(C) Phenyl alanine
(d) Dihydroxy phenyl alanine

66. Tick the correct option of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) contributed by service sector in the past:
(A) During 2000-01 (GDP-65.54%)
(B) During 1980 -81 (GOP – 50.00%)
(C) During 1950 -51 (GDP - 34.63%)
(D) During 2011 -12 (GDP - 57.00%)

67. Which was the first super computer purchased by India for medium range weather forecasting?
(A) Cray XMP-14
(B) Medha-930
(C) CDC’ Cyber93O-11
(0) Param

68. The study of population is called:
(B) Anthropology (0) Biography (A) Cartography (C) Demography

69. Well preferred tree fossil supposed to be from jurasic Age in India is reported from:
(A) Pithauragarh (B) Chhattisgarh (C) Ramgarh (D) Bahadurgarh

70. The primary producer in an ecosystem are:
(A) Women (B) Men (C) Plants (D) Bacteria

71. The Vice-President is:
(A) A member of LokSabha (B) A member of RajyaSabha  (C) A member of either House (D) Not a member of the Parliament

72. In <HR>, the HR stands for:
(A) Heading Regulations (B) Happy Romulans  (C) Horizontal Rule (D) Horizontal Rulers

73. The Government of india Act, 1935 was based on:
(A) Simon Commission (B) Lord Curzon Commission (C) Dimitrov Thesis (D) Lord Clive’s report

74. Some of the ingredients required for bread making are:
(A) Maida and Yeast
(B) Maida and Baking Powder
(C) Maida and baking Soda
(D) Maida and Ghee

75. Which one of the following hormone is called “Emergency Hormone”?
(A) Adrenaline (B) Thyroxin (C) Vasopressin (D) Insulin

Answer Key : SSC Solved Questions paper of 333 PK 4 Combined Graduate level Exam Tier 1 21 April 2013 General Awareness Questions With answer | Solved Questions paper
51 B 52 A 53 D 54 A 55 D 56 B 57 C 58 A 59 D 60 B
61 C 62 D 63 A 64 B 65 * D 66 D 67 A 68 C 69 B 70 C
71 D 72 C 73 A 74 A 75 A


Anonymous said...

question no.74,I think answer should be maida and baking soda not yeast and maida.

MJ_ryts! said...

68 . Cartography is related to Maps. Demography should be the answer.

Anonymous said...

57.D is the correct answer.

Anonymous said...

57.D is the correct answer.

Manish Kumar Gupta said...

54.D is correct ans

Anonymous said...

Asper i know vice president is qualified for election as a member of rajyasava
so the ans of 71 is b

Unknown said...

54 A

Anonymous said...

emergency hormone is adrenaline

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