Sunday 26 May 2013

Answer Key Civil Service Exam Paper 1 GS paper 2 Csat 2013 upsc Answer Sheet

csat question paper upsc answer key of paper 1 upsc ias exam 26 may 2013 correct answer of all set Paper I question paper solution and answer sheet download see on your mobile without downloading pdf

Paper 1 Booklet code A GS / General Study
1a    2c    3b    4c    5c    6b    7a    8a    9c    10b    11d    12c    13c    14d    15a    16c    17a    18d    19d    20a    21d    22b    23d    24b    25c    26d    27c    28b    29b    30d    31a    32d    33b    34c    35a    36b    37a    38c    39c    40b    41a    42d    43d    44a    45b    46b    47d    48b    49a    50c    51c    52b    53b    54c    55d    56b    57c    58b    59a    60a    61d    62c    63b    64c    65b    66a    67c    68b    69b    70b    71c    72b    73a    74d    75c    76d    77d    78a    79a    80c    81c    82d    83b    84d    85b    86c    87c    88c    89c    90d    91c    92c    93a    94d    95a    96d    97d    98b    99a    100c
Download Paper 1 Booklet Code A Code B Code C Code D answer Sheet General Study paper 1
Download paper 2 Booklet Code A series B Code C code D CSAT paper II Question paper solution

How many questions you have attempted correctly? post it here it would be helpful for use for analyzing the expected cutoff marks for this year.

Upsc Preliminary exam Answer key provided by Most popular Civil Service preparation Coaching institute Career Launcher CL.
We will posts expected cutoff marks for upsc pre ias exam on our upcoming posts.


devyani said...

thanks for answer key,,,bt i think i will be disqualified, question paper was too confusing, sare answer sahi lag rhe the year

Unknown said...

2nd paper bht jyada cnfusion breate krne wala tha n 1st bht mast hua..

prince said...

what is the total no. of vacancy of upsc 2013 civil servic exam and offcource expected cut off?

Anonymous said...

sorry !

Anonymous said...

sir ifs (forest service ) k liye kitna cut off jayea ? bol be.

Unknown said...

i am getting 212 (general). I have applied for ias and ifs..any chances

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