Friday 31 May 2013

Counselling of 72825 teachers will be start from tentatively 15 June 2013

If everything will be ok with 72825 B.ed trainee teacher vacancies then its expectation that counselling for 72825 trainee teacher likely to start from 15 June 2013. Yesterday High court Allahabad Triple bench given there decision on uptet and primary teacher recruitment 2012. Court said that TET is compulsory for all further appointment of teacher in government primary school. Now recruitment will be done with TET.
As we know that recent court order of court said that TET is compulsory for all upcoming recruitment but as per as my analysis of court order we found court nothing said on Stay of 72825 trainee teacher vacancy. Court now returned all cases to double bench so I think now double bench will take decision on other case like base of the selection and merit list preparation.
But it’s sure that now NON TET is out from the race however in previous decision before the counselling court said non tet can also apply.  Over all summary of court order is that TET is compulsory for all who want to be teacher after 23 august 2010.
On the other hand basic education department showing there interest to start the counselling of 72825 trainee teacher. So if government and department will start the counselling then lets see what happen. News paper saying every thing has been cleared in triple bench decision. There are no critical issues yet remained in bed vacancy. So most probably department will first of all take advice from law department after that they will decide what to do?
Well every one now waiting counselling for trainee teacher because primary and upper primary school already suffering due to lack of enough teacher in school. That’s why government decided to recruiter 72825 primary teachers. Around 69 lakh candidates applied for B.ed trainee teacher posts. But before the counselling of 4 February, court given there Stay on this vacancy due to various issues. But now it seems everything is clear in b.ed teacher vacancy. So counselling may be start from 15 June 2013 . counselling will be held in various round. So it would take at least two to three month for completing this vacancy. There will be around 7 days gap in two counselling date.
What ever department will take decision on this matter we will inform you here however your can download court order of 31 may 2013 from the official website of high court


Anonymous said...

plz issue counsling letter fr this job atlest 1week before so we can prepare ourself best at every step ...

Unknown said...

how much possibility of councelling on 15th june

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