Thursday 27 June 2013

Question paper 1 of UPTET 27 June 2013 primary level

Question paper 1 of UPTET 27 June 2013 primary level
Child Development and Cognition
Q1 : emotion is the exiting state of person is concept of /
Q2 the meaning evaluation in the academic development tins
Q3 : prejudiced adolescent would be rigid in thi her approach to
Q5 : four state of cognitive development sensory motor , pre operation , concrete operation , and formal operation is identified by
Q5 : which characteristic are not of good mental health ?
Q6 which of the following dose not influence learning ability
Q7 which learning psychologist has not given importance to reward in the development of child learning
Q8 which of the following dose not help in child learning
Q : 9  self centric state take place amount child during
10 : taking interest to be among playmate by going out parents company associate with
11 first basis principal of leaning is associated with
12 making efforts making efforts to reach the height of mental maturity is the indication of
13 the factor influence learning process are
14 how is motivation useful  in the learning of the child
15 which technique do you not apply to motivate student for learning in the class room
16 what type of correlation has been found between intelligent and creativity
17 what is the most effective method to maintain discipline in the class
18 infant child actions are
19 in which particular area teacher of such school where inclusive education is imparted should specially trainee ?
20 Which of the following groups of child have adjustment problem
21 if the teacher feels that one of his student who have been leaning the subject matter nicely is showing stagnation  the teacher should
22 if a teacher want to change disposition of a student of the class he will have to
23 developments has the same relation with maturity as stimulated has with
24 Piaget is mainly known for his contribution in the field of
25 whenever two of more individuals come together and influenced one another they may be said to constitute a social group this statement is
26 which of the following should be take care of well in the process of teaching
27 form the following person who is helping the child children in his their intrinsic motivation
28 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,has special importance in the social development of the child
29 bhattia battery is use to test which of the follows
30  Khohelberg theory of development is associated with.


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