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UP PCS PRE Question paper 1 GS 2015

UP PCS PRE Question paper 1 GS 2015      TSR 1—D
Q 1 Who among the following has been nominated to probe the stampede at the Allahabad Railway Station on
February 10, 2013 during the Kumbh?
(a) Hon. Justice Onkareshwar Bhatt
(b) Hon. Justice Ravi S. Dhawan
(c) Hon. Justice V.K. Khanna
(d) Hon. Justice A.B. Srivastav

3. Former CBI Director Ashwini Kumar has been recently appointed Governor of
(a) Assam (b) Bihar (c) Maharashtra (d) Nagaland

4. The Ambassador of which country was in news recently for giving an affidavit in the Supreme Court of  India and honoring it?
(a) Italy    (b) Portugal    (c) Sri Lanka    (d) United States of America

5. Who. among the following was at the centre of controversy at the Jaipur
Literature Festival (January 2013)?
a Salman Rushdie     b Ashish Nandy    c Tasleema Nasreen    d Arvind Adiga

6. The recent pact for investment in the infrastructure sector in India signed by Sheikha Lubna Bin Khalid Al Qasimi with India’s Industry Minister Anand Sharma signifies pact with
(a) Iran        (b) Saudi Arabia    (c) Turkey    (d) United Arab Emirates

8. Which of the following group of gases contribute to the “Green House Effect”?
(a) Ammonia and Ozone
(b) Carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide
(c) Carbon tetra fluoride and Nitrous oxide
(d) Carbon dioxide and Methane

9. Which of the following is the most stable ecosystem?
(a) Desert     (b) Mountain    (c) Ocean    (d) Forest

10. Endangered species are listed in
(a) Dead Stock Book    (b) Red Data Book    (c) Live Stock Book    (d) None of the above

11. Which one of the following is important strategy for the conservation of biodiversity?
(a) Biosphere Reserves    (b) Botanical Gardens        (c) National Parks    (d) Wild Life Sanctuaries

12. Among the biotic components of the ecosystem, the producer system is
(a) Cow (b) Peacock    (c) Tiger (d) Green Plants   

13. Which one of the following diseases is    transmitted by tiger mosquitoes?
(a) Yellow fever    (b) Dengue    (c) Chikungunya    (d) Japanese Encephalitis

14. Climate change is caused by
(a) Green house gases    (b) Depletion of ozone layer    (c) Pollution    (d) All the above

15. Which one among substances does global warming?
(a) Oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen    (b) Methane    (C) Carbon dioxide    (d) Water vapour

18. To meet Euro-il emission standards, what should be the sulphur content in the ultra low sulphur diesel?
(a) 0.05 percent or less than this    (b) 0.10 percent (c) 0.15 percent (d) 0.20 percent

21. Photosynthesis using the invisible part of the sunlight is done by some
(a) Trees (b) Algae`(c) Bacteria (d) Fungi

19. Acid rain is due to air pollution by`
(a) Carbon dioxide`(b) Carbon monoxide`(C) Methane`(d) Nitrous oxide and Sulphur dioxide

20. The disease caused by deficiency of`protein in children is
(a) Marasmus`(b) Pellagra`(c) Beriberi`(d) Rickets
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