Sunday 30 June 2013

UPTET Court Decision on 8 July 2013 HC judgment

DATE on DATE, what is Next date, when decision will be Out? , what will be selection base? , now days these question are asked by each B.ed candidates who applied two times in b.ed trainee teacher vacancy in uttar pradesh and wasted there valuable money and time. Average each student invested more then 10000 rs for filling application form for trainee teacher and invested approximately two year for this vacancy but they got nothing in this vacancy expect mentally tension, frustration , etc. After one month long holiday’s high court now hearing process once again has been started. A new hearing date of uptet writ petition in HC is 8 July 2013.
B.ed candidates once again now looking with new hope that decision will be out on uptet and 72825 trainee teacher recruitment selection base 2013. School will be open from 8 July 2013 but primary school this year also suffers due to lack of enough teachers. Victim are neither b.ed candidates nor government, Victim is only and only child who is not able to survive fee of convent schools and compel to go in primary school . Government saying that education is now fundamental rights after making law named RTE but they never tried know to what is outcome results of RTE. How a single teacher will do teaching in 5 class with a lot of extra work like , MDM, meeting in BRC, a lot of useless Survey , election related works, Pulse Polio,  a lots more.
Why our system is sleeping on this serious issues and very lazy take decision on public matters. If government will not take action that Primary School really wants teacher nor PCS or IAS Officer. if your will provide sufficient teacher in government school then quality will automatically improved.
Hope so court decision will be available on 8 July by high court .its not a matter of  what will be selection base , its matter of future of child.


SK Jaiswal said...

I don't know what govt is doing ?. Why delay in decision?
The recruitment should be on TET Merritt basis. Because all the recruitment in other services in India is done by taking a exam, not by Merritt of 10th 12th Graduation. Because even today u can get 1st division mark sheet of any class through colleges of villages.But in recruitment exam chances are very rare of corruption. And if it was, then it is the mistake of administration.
Candidates should not blamed for these.

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