Thursday 25 July 2013

Previous year Question Paper up Police Constable Written Exam with answer

Previous year solved Question paper of Uttar pradesh police Constable Written Exam 2009 SET CPU – 01
General awareness Sample Question paper Model paper for UP Police Constable Exam 2013

Q 1 : percentage of Oxygen in atmosphere is
A 18%        B 21%        C 78%     D 39%

Q 2 : Aryabhatta was
A Doctor     B painter     C astrologer         D Scientist

Q : 3 which of the following state produce maximum Rubber ?
A Tamil Nadu        B Andhra Pradesh     C kerala    D Maharashtra       

Q 4 which of the following is the 2nd language of the uttar pradesh
A English     B Bhojpur     C Urdu     D Hindi   

Q 5 The currency name of the Brittan is
A dollar     B pond     C Dinaar     D Frank   

Q 6 which of the following is the border state of the uttar pradesh
A Rajasthan     B Punjab     C west Bengal        D Andhra Pradesh    

Q 7 which of the following currency have maximum value in comparison to Indian rupee INR ?
A yen        B Australian Dollar        C US Dollar         D British pond   

Q 8 Time duration of collecting Census of population in India
A  5 year     B 7 year     C 10 years     D 8 years

Q 9 minimum age limit criteria for Indian Prime minister is
A 21 years    B 25 years     C 30 years     D 35 years
Q 10 Write of Satanic Verses is
A Salman rushdi     B Samoor M hursh     C George Arvel     D J M bery
Q 11 Which of the following Gas Liquid is used in refrigerators
A Ammonia     B carbon di  Oxide     C Chlorine     D Hydrogen   

Q 12 Nagarjun project Establisehd on following river
A Gandak     B kosi     C krishna     D mahanadi

Q 13 swtambar and digambr related to
A baudhamat     B Jainmat     C hindutva     D siksha mat   

Q 14 which of the signature found on note of rs 50
A Governor of Reserve bank      B Prime Minister     C president         D fiancé minister   

Q 15 Microsoft king pronounce for
A Bill gates     B paul Gaity     C larry page     D marka Zukerberg

Answer: 1 B, 2 C, 3 C, 4 C, 5 B, 6 A, 7 D, 8 C ,9 B, 10 A ,11 A , 12 C , 13 B , 14 A ,15 A


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