Friday 26 July 2013

Railway Group D Exam Previous year Question paper

Model Sample Question Paper for RRC Railway Recruitment Cell Group D Exam RRB General Awareness Questions previous year History and Geography Question paper

Q1 : Most popular Poet of Akbar time duration was  ?
A  rahim     B tulsidas     C Birbal     D Non of these

Q2: follower of Jainism and Buddhism region now believes in
A Soul     B God         C Ahimsa     D: Both A and C

Q3 which of the following Book is written by ban Bhatta
A Rajatargin     B kadambari     C priyadarshika     D None of the above

Q 4 : the total no of Mughal Suba In 1605 was
A 12     B 19    C 15    D 17

Q 4 the dal khalsa was founded by
A Guru Gobind Singh        B kapur Singh        C Ranjit Singh     D Teg bahadur

Q5 most famous Temple Somnath was Destroyed in 1026 by
A Mohmud Ghazni    B mohmmad Ghori     C baur     D ibrahim Lodi

Q 6 which of the following soil group is also known as Regur
A Forest Soil     B black Soil     C Alluvial Soil     D lateritic Soil

Q7 which of the following island located in Arabian Sea
 A adaman island     B Indira Point         C Tokyo     D lakshadweep island

Q8 on 25 December the day time becomes longer, its call ed
A Solar Axis     B solstice Axis     C Galaxy     D Winter Solstice illumination

Q9 MC Mohan Line Demarcates India and
A Pakistan     B Bangladesh         C Nepal     D China

Q10: Rihand Dam is located in
A UP         B MP         C Tamil Nadu        D Uttarakhand

Q11 tides in the Sea are cause by
A Effect of Sun     B effect of Moon     C earth gravitation Forces     D none of these

Q12 Volcano is defined as vent on the surface of the earth trohu which_____________Erupt
A magma     B gases     C Ashes    D All A B C

Q13 the Biggeest sea is
A Caribbean Sea    B South china Seas     C Bering Sea    D Mediterranean Sea

Q14 tundra is the treeless cold desert located in
A Australia     B South Asia     C north America     D South Africa
Q 15 The worlds Largest river
A amazon     B Brahmputra         C Nile         D Mississippi

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