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RRB ASM Previous year Question paper Railway Station Master

RRB ASM Previous year Question paper Railway Station Master Model Sample Question paper Un Solved Paper  RRB ASM exam August 2013 main

Q 1: Who among the following was the last to be initiated in his religion by
Gautama Buddha?
(a) Ananda (b) Sariputta c) Moggalana (d) Subhadda

Q 2 : ‘Sita’ in Maurya age means
(a) a Goddess (b) a religious sect (c) revenue from crown land (d) barren land

Q 3 What was ‘Dar-ul-Shafa’ established by Feroz Tughlaq?
(a) An alms house  (b) A free hospital (c) A library (d) A guest house for pilgrims

Q 4 Who was the medieval king responsible for introducing the silver coin called ‘tanka’ in North India?
(a) fltutmish (b) Razia (c) Alauddin Khalji (d) Mohammad Tughlaq

Q 5:The earliest occurrence of the mantra famous as Gayath Mantra is found in the following text:
(a) Bhagwad Gita (b) Atharva Veda (c) Rig Veda (d) Manusmriti

Q 6 The ‘Dakshinamurti’ idol of Shiva depicts him in which form?
(a) Teacher (b) Dancing (c) Reclining (d) Meditating

Q 7 The Chinese writers mention India by the name of
(a) Fo-Kwo-Ki (b) Yin-tu (c) Si-Yu-Ki (d) Sikia-Pono

Q 8 Who among the Alvar Saint?
(a) Poyagai (c) Pudam  following was ij an (b) Tirugyan (d) Tirumangai

Q 9 Who translated Ramayana into Persian in accordance with the wishes of Akbar?
(a) Abul Fazi (b) Abdul Qadir Badauni (c) Faizi (d) Abdur-Rahim Khan-i-Khana

Q 10 Who among the following was the envoy of the British King James I at Jahangir’s Court?
(a) William Hawkins (b) William Finch  (c) Pietra Della Vella (d) Edward Terry

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