Friday 5 July 2013

Shiksha Mitra Salary will be 5000 Latest Mandey News 2013

This is very surprising and pleasuring news for shiksha Mitra of primary school who are working since long time. Some credible sources are now saying that its expectation that government now considering the proposal for increasing the salary to shiksha Mitra to 5000 rs month. If everything will be ok then announcement will be done by government very soon for increasing the Mandey of Shiksha Mitra of Uttar pradesh. After that SM will get the revised new salary from this year. Currently 1.74 shiksha Mitra working on 35000 salary per month. Mostly schools of uttar pradesh conducted by only one shiksha Mitra. If salary of SM will be increased then this will we be delighting news for everyone.
SM of uttar pradesh struggling since long time for there salary this protest became violent in few places because a newly appointed Anudeshak Teacher will get 7000 per month salary and shiksha Mitra now getting 3500.
If government takes decision for increasing salary of SM to 5000 month then approximately 26.10 crore rupee will required for extra salary. Currently government allotted 60.93 crore budgets for Mandey of SM.
SM of UP already protesting in Lucknow in previous months for demanding there permanent posting for the post of assistant teacher. But government also not able to appoint teacher with out TET because Central government , Supreme court , High court, MHRD, NCTE every one said without qualifying TET no buddy will be appointed for teacher posts. Central government also said till 2015 are required to qualify TET. All teacher who are not TET will not eligible for teaching after 2015 \if they will failed to qualify TET so this is the warning bell for upcoming Anudeshak and shiksha Mitra also. That’s whey government also showing there interest to give extra payment to SM. If this decision will be taken by government without no more delay.


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