Sunday 28 July 2013

UP Police Computer Operator Exam Question paper 2013

Up Police Computer operator Exam programmer Recruitment written Exam model question paper un Solved computer Subject paper , important Question for Up Police Computer operator vacancy

Q1 raw Facts are called
A Data     B information         C Entropy     D None of the above

Q2 Decimal number system uses Symbol
A 10        B 20        C 30         D 100

Q3 Higher is the resolution is….. the pixel Size
A Higher     B lower     C  Equal         D None

Q4 how many Bits per Symbol are use in Unicode system
A 4        B 8        C 16        D 32               

Q5 how many symbol are used on Octal number System
A 2        B 8        C 9         D 10

Q6 how many Bit color are used in JPEG
A 24        B 32        C 64        D 128

Q7  how many bits in one bytes
A 8        B 7         C 6        D 2

Q8 what is magnetic Tape /
A Input device     B output Device     C Storage Device     D Printing Device

Q9 an example of Processor is
A 1234     B 5678        C 9012        D 8086

Q10 to Sop the execution of an operation we required
A Stoppers     B Diverters     C halts     D interrupts
Reply fast for knowing the correct answer of above questions ..


gaurav doyala said...

gk india ayegi ya up?


inke ans kaha milenge

Anonymous said...

where is answer key

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