Wednesday 30 January 2013

Sample Question paper for ssc graduate level examination tier 1 2013

Today we will discusses on staff selection commission (ssc) combined graduate level examination (CGL TIER 1 2013). already posted sample question for quantitative aptitude, general awareness, general intelligence and reasoning section. Today we tell how to crack English section , and give you some sample question with answer and their solution. Ssc cgl examination is schedule to held on 14 april and 21 April 2013 at various center of major districts.

English Comprehension: 50 question     50 marks
Questions of English comprehension will be designed to check knowledge of the candidate to under understand the correct English and fundamental comprehensive and writing skill.

How to solve comprehension type question : comprehension means ‘Understanding ’ this is basically conducted in form a English passage .
How to solve it : first of all read give passage with carefully mostly all answer of given question are easily found in passage.
When you start to searching of 1st question then you found fact related to another question then just match that fact to given question. if   in have any type of confusion then again start reading the passage.
First of all read given question before reading the passage.
Some time you will found more then two or three similar answer for a particular given question then choose a appropriate answer via applying your reasoning and fact of  asked question then easily you will be able to solve the given questions.
Don’t apply your personal logic or your practical knowledge regarding giving answer for that question give answer only on the basis of given passage without caring that given information is right or wrong.

Sample question of passage
Q: frenzy overtook him. There were stones under his feet. He kicked them up and with all his strength hurried them at his torment. Two or three where struck and ran away yelling, and so formidable did he appear that rest became panic – stricken, cowered line a jeering crowed in the presence of an exasperate man, then broke up and field, left alone the little thing without a father set of running toward the fields for a recollection had been awakened which nerved his soul to a great determination.

Q: the statement “the rest became panic – stricken” means
A they felt sorry     B. they were exhausted
C. They saw a ghost     D. they were frightened

Q: which one of the following indicates state of the boy?
A frenzied     B. fearful
C irritate     D alienate

Q: which of the following words of the passage best convey the reaction of the boy ?
A with all his length hurried them at his tormentors
B so formidable di he appear
C set off running toward the field
D nerved his soul to a great determination

Q : “ tormentor “ in the passage mean
A those who cause physical and mental suffering
B Those who tease people
C Those who frighten people
D Those who enjoy making fun of other 

More English topics will be discuss here on upcoming post


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