Monday 28 January 2013

SSC Exam 2013 Arithmetic preparation Quantitative Aptitude

Today will focus on two major sections for the preparation of ssc cgl exam tier 1 Quantitative Aptitude section. This section is also known as simple arithmetic or Simple mathematics. Combined graduate level examination tier 1 will comprise 50 question of 50 marks from Quantitative Aptitude.
Time and work subject in CGL tier 1 syllabus 2013 is one of the most important chapter for this examination. Approximately 5 to 6 question every year asked from Time and work section.
How to solve time and work Question math problem: increment or decrement in time will increase or decrease the work. If labor or man will be increase for completing any work then work TIME will be decrease .on the other hand if man power / Labor will be reduced then complaint day time will be increase for a particular work

Model Question: ram individually are able to finish a work within 25 days and Shyam is able to finish that work within 20 days. After joining both (ram and shyam) worked till 5 days on that work. After 5th day shyam left that work then particular Ram, how many days will take for complete the remaining work?
Option: A 10 days B 11 days C 12 days D 14 day

Work of ram and Shyam of 5days : = 5(1/25+1/20) = 9/20
Remaining work = (1/9/20)=11/20
So 1/20 work , shayam to to fisnihs in 1 day
So 11/20 work , shaym will be able to finshi  20**11/20
=11 days

Sample Question paper :
Q: ram is able to complete a task within 8days, and shyam is able to complete that work within 12 days. If both worked on that task alternately and first of all Shyyam starte wok on that task then in which day whole task will be completed 
A 5th day     B, 9th day     C. 10th Day    D. 11th Day
Hint: remaining work 2/12 answer:  C

Q. 3 male and 7 female able to complete a task within 4 days. 4 male 3 female are able to complete that task within 5 days. if daily salary of male is 31.20 then find out the female salary ?
A 19.20    B 20.20rs    C 18.70    D 21.90
Hint : (28-15) female work = (20-12) male work
work of 13 female = 8 male work
so salary will be of 1 female will be : 8*31.20/13 = 19.20
Answer: A

Q: A, B, C successively are able to finish a task within 15 , 20 , 25 days. After grouping all they finished a work and earned 470 salaries. Find out salary of each candidate separately
A 175, 200,95 rs    B. 150,200,120 rs     C. 200,150,120 rs  D. non of these 
Hint: working capacity ratio will be
20/300: 15/300 :12/300 = 20:15:12
Then salary of a will be : 20/47*470= 200
Answer : C
We will post more sample question paper / model paper for ssc upcoming examination 2013. thanks for visiting


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