Wednesday 13 February 2013

General Awareness Science Question with Answer of SSC Exam 2015

Latest general Awareness question related to Science Matters for upcoming SSC exam, Upsc and civil service exam With answer

General Awareness Question for SSC Exam with answers
Q: which one of the following is a compound?
A Air     B HG (Mercury)    C ozone    D Ammonia   
Answer: B

Q: in which of the substance in which oxygen is not found
AA Cement    B Silica    C Petrol    D led   
Answer: B       

Q: which of the following substance are found in three states Solid, Liquid and Gas
A water    B h2O2        C Nh3        D SO2
Answer: water       

Q: which of the following substance is neither element no compound?
A Air    B water    C     mercury    D Sodium Chloride   
Answer: B

Q: what is positron?
A positive charge electron     B    helium    C nuclear of one proton and one neutron        D none of these
Answer: A

Q: chemical behavior of any molecule depend on
A Proton no of nucleus
B Neutron no of nucleus
C Electron no moving around nucleus
D nucleon no of nucleus
Answer: C   

Q: neutron is invented by :
A Chadwick     B rather ford    C Bhor        D Newton   
Answer: B

Q what is gamma rays ?
A  Charge particle coming from the universe
B discharged particle coming from universe
C generated by radio active substance
D general by radio active substance and have no no energy
Answer : C

Q : PH level of blood of healthy Hume being will be
A 4.5-4.5    B 6.45 – 6.55        C 7.35- 7.45     D 8.25 – 8.35
Answer: B

Q : energy of Ideal Gas depend on
 A Pressure     B Volume     C Temperature      D no mole   
Answer : D

Q :  maximum energy generated by 1 grm fuel of the followings
A Hydrogen    B mythen    C Ethanol    D Butane   
Answer  A

Q : producer Gas is the mixture of
A CO +n2    B CO2+ N2    C CO+h2+N2        D CO2+H2
Answer : A

Q chemical substance found in our teeth and bones are
A calcium phosphate    B calcium chloride    C calcium Sulphate     D Calcium Boret
Answer : A

Q chemical name of plaster of perish
A calcium sulphet    b calcium carbonate    C calcium Hydrate    D Calcium sulphet hemi hydrate
Answer : D

Q : which of the following is the best conducted of electricity
A     AG     B iron        C Aluminum        D Copper
Answer: A

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