Thursday 14 February 2013

history questions previous year SSC exam 2015

Most important history questions of previous year competitive SSC exam. These questions were asked in previous year ssc and upsc examination general awareness section.

Q which act gives right to Indian for administration power in administration system /
A government of India act 1858
B Indian council act 1891
B charter act 1833
C carter act 1853
Answer: B

Q which government general launched the Civil service exam (Indian civil service ICS ) for covenanted civil service of India
A warren hastings         B valesli            D lord cornwallis          D William bantick
Answer C

Q writer of most popular historical book Golden threshold related to poetry
A Aruna asaf ali            B ani besant      C Sarojini naidu D vijaya lakshmi pandit           
Answer : C

Q which journal is published by  Abul kalam Azad
A Al hilal          B comred         C The Indian sociologist            D Muhammad iqbal     
Answer : A

Q  lord mchale related related to for following revolution
A Army            B Sati Pratha    C English education      D  Bengal distribution
Answer C

Q : news paper named Som Prakash was published by
A dayanand saraswathi B ishwar Chandra vidyasagar    C Ram Mohan Rao      D Surendranath banerjee
Answer : B

Q : Begum Hazrat mahal represent  following city in 1857’s freedom fighting
A Lucknow      B knapur          C Varansi         D Allahabad    
Answer : A

Q : name of the governor general in 1857
A lord dalhousie Lord William bentinck C Lord canning            D lord Litton
Answer : C

Q Nickname of rani lakshmi bai was
A manikarnika  B jayaShree C Padma D Ahilya
Answer : A

Q representator of Bihar in1857 freedom fighting
A Khan bahadur Khan B kunwar Singh C tatya Tope   D rani Ram Kuarin

Answer: B
Q : morley minto reform was introduced on
A 1909                        B 1919             C 1935                        D 1942
Answer : A

Q : abhinav bharat English Protesting organization was founded by
A R G bhandarkar        B V D savrkar              C  C R Das      D Sardar bhagat Singh
Answer: B

Q : deshbandhu honor given to
A B R ambedkar          B Chittaranjan Das       C Bipin chandra pal
Answer : B

Q : vernacular press act 1878 was suspend by
A Lord ripon    B lord lytton     C Lord karjan  D Lord Minto
Answer : A

Q : 9th list in Indian constitution was added after
A 1st amendment          B 8th amendment          C 9th amendment          D 42 amendment
Answer: A

Q fundamental right of Indian constitution
A was the part of original constitution                B added after 4th amendment    C added by parliament on 1952                       D after 42nd amendment           

Answer: A

Q fundamental right given by constitution
A never be suspended              B suspnedable              C not suspendable in any circumstance D none of these
Answer : B

Q ban Bhatta was the poet of
A Vikrmadiya   B kumar Gupta C harshavardhan D kanishak
Answer: C

Q : Kalidas Was the Poet of
A Chandra guta marurya           B Samudra gupta          C Chandra Gupta II      D harsh           
Answer:  C
Q : Nepolium of India named given  to
A Skand gupta             b chandr gupta              C brahm Gupta D Samudra Gupta
Answer :  D

Q : prithviraj raso written by
A bhav Bhuti                B Jai dev          C Chandr bardai           D Ban Bhatta
Answer : C


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