Friday 15 February 2013

SAT Online Registration for 4 may Exam 2013 College Board

If you want to participate on upcoming SAT exam 9 march and 4 may 2013 then fill online application form from the official website of Colleges Board Sat registration website

SAT Dead line as are follows for upcoming test

Date: 9 march     : registration Dead Line : 8 February    
Apply with late fee now available

SAT 4 may 2012:
Online registration last date form 4 test is 5 April 2013. Only 49 days are left for online registration. SAT 4 may will be held for following subjects

Sat 1 June

Subject Tests:  U.S. History, World History, Literature, Chemistry,  Physics,  Latin,       Modern Hebrew,   French,   German,  Spanish,  Mathematics Level 2,  Mathematics Level 1,       Biology E/M,
Registration Dead line and last date : 2 may , with late registration By mail and by phone or online 17 may,

Registration Process and procedure online:
First of all chose you date of SAT test and Test center on the official website of College Board. After registration you will receive confirmation. If you entered any wrong data then you have an option to re correct it within 24 hour

Register by mail

If you are younger then 13 year or want to participated on Sunday test, or want to open SAT nearest test center then you can register though mail service.  You can apply via Mail. For knowing procedure and registration form with envelop just contact to your school counselor.

What is SAT Subject Test: you can participate up to 3 subjects on a single exam day. For SAT mathematics level 1 and level 2 calculators are allowed. If you want to participate in SAT and SAT Subject then just choose two different dates for both test because both test are now allowed on same date.
Just give the details during online registration or Mail registration for SAT subject for which you want to participate.

Best time for SAT

Mostly student you are going to participate 1st time prefer for participated in Spring Test for Junior year and for senior year student prefer fall .

Registration Fee Details:
$ 50 , $ 23 for SAT Subject Test
Registration Fee by phone : $ 15 , Changes Fee $ 26 , late Fee $ 27 , wait list Fee  $ 44
$ 31 for international processing fee 
How to pay fee: you can pay SAT registration fee via Credit card, Check. some other payment option are also available for international student . But cash payment are strictly prohibited


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