Friday 15 February 2013

Previous year SSC Questions of Geography General Awareness

Previous year SSC Questions | Subject Geography | Section General Awareness
Geography Questions for ssc and bank exam
Q worlds’ largest Tea Production is
A china    B India         C Shir lanka        D Kenya   
Answer : B

Q Dapag metod for Teac Production was developed in which of the following country
A china    B India         C Shir lanka        D Philippines

Q tree less are of north America and Eurasia known as
A Savanna    B Stepi        C Preyari    D Tundra    `
Answer : C

Q solar System was discovered    by
A Galileo    BJ L beard    C Copernicus    D Capler   
Answer : C

Q: Mid Night Sun appearing in Narvee on
A 21 march    B 23 September    C 21 June        D 22 December
Answer: C

Q percentage of Hydrogen of chemical compound of the Sun is
A 71%        B 61%        C 75%     D 54%
Answer: A

Q which of the following is equal to size of the earth
A Mercury    B Marce    C Venus    D Pluto   
Answer : C

Q which of the following complete on round of the sun within 88 days
A Mercury    B Marce    C Venus    D Pluto   
Answer :A

Q Brightest Planet is
A Mercury    B Marce    C Venus    D Pluto   
Answer : C

Q North Pole is discovered    by
A Robert Piyari    B Emondsen    C Tasman    D john Kebat   
Answer: A

Q Maximum distance between Sun and earth becomes
A 30 January        B 22 December    C 22 September    D 4 July
Answer : D

Q Seat of tranquility found on
A Earth    B Sun        C Jupiter    Moon
Answer: D

Q: mass of Jupiter is near about   
A 1/10 of mass of Sun        B 1/1000 of Sun    C 1/100 of Sun    D half of the mass of the Sun
Answer: B

Q Measuring unit for Earth quake is used?
A Bofort    B decibel    C Newton    D Reactor Scale
Answer: D

Q: Indian Desert Known as
A Gobi        B Sahara    C Thar        D Atakama
Answer : A

Q : which is of the following is the largest silver producer
A Canada    B India        C Mexico    D America
Answer; C

Q :which of the following have maximum Uranium store ?
A Australia    B Canada    C Russian federation    D USA
Answer : B

Q largest Rail network found in the world
A Ruse        B USA        C China    D India   
Answer : B

Q : which of the following term is not used for categorization of human species
A Eyes     B ear        C Nose        D Hair
Answer : B

Q : maximum death rate found in
A Bangladesh        B India        C Indonesia        D Nepal   
Answer : A

Q maximum percentage of Population increment found in
A Africa    B Asia        C Latin America    D Oshenia   
Answer : B

Q dense population found in which of the following SARC County
A Bangla desh        B India        C Pakistan        D Maldives
Answer : A

Q Manchester of south address for
A Koymbtoor        B Mudrai    C Bangalore     D Chennai
Answer : A
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