Saturday 16 February 2013

SSC General Awareness Questions with Answer

General awareness question with solution of Previous year ssc exam 
Q Indian solicitor general is
A a Administrative officer    B a judicial adviser    C adviser of prime Minister    D A law adviser officer of President   
Answer: A

Q which of the following can participate in working of parliament but not have right of Poll
A attorney general    B speaker of parliament    C Primer Minister D Home minister
Answer : Attorney general

Q retirement age of Supreme Court Judge
A 65 year    b 55 year      C 60 year    D 58 year
Answer: A

Q other then chief justice of Supreme Court judge appointed by
A President    B Prime minister     C Chief justice of Supreme Court    D president by the help of supreme court judge’s Advice    
Answer: D

Q dispute matter of election of president and vice president is submitted to
A Parliament    B president     C chief election officer     D supreme court
Answer: d

Q which of the following states have a joint High Court
A Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh    B Gujarat and odisa    C Maharashtra Goa    d MP and Rajasthan
Answer : C

Q Local supply of Coal not available at
A TISCO jamshed Pur    B VISL bhadravati    C HSL durgapur    D HSL bhilai
Answer : B

Q Bhilai factory was founded by the help of
A Uk         B USA        C Germany        D Russia
Answer: D

Q rail coach in India made of at
A Jamshedpur and Permboor        B Kapoorthala and permboor        C Hyderabad and apermboor    D Varansi and permboor
Answer : B

Q no port in india have
A 6    B 9    C 11        D 13
Answer: D

Q Birth place of Sant kabirr is
A Delhi    B varansi    C Mathura    D Hyderabad
Answer  B

Q mother of mahavir is
A Yashoda     B Trishala    C Jameli    D mahamaya
Answer  : B

Q raja ram mohan Ray was the founder of
A prarthana Samaj    B Brahm Samaj    C Ram krishna mission    D Arya Samaj

Q “Giddha ” and dance type related to    
A Punjab     B Himanchal pradesh         C Haryana    D Rajsthan
Answer: A


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