Tuesday 21 May 2013

ssc je junior engineer exam model sample question paper 2015

staff selection commission going to conduct a common written exam for the recruitment of Junior engineer.  General awareness question will be asked in paper 1. we have uploaded various set of previous year question paper.
Here we uploaded questions which was asked in ssc combined graduate level exam 30.08.2015

66. Frontal cyclones occur characteristically in
(A) Equatorial region
(B) Tropical region
(C) Mid-latitudinal region
(D) Polar region

67. According to Ferrel’s law (Coriolis ‘ Force) winds change their direction
(A) Towards left in Northern hemisphere and towards right in Southern hemisphere.
(B) Towards right in Northern hemisphere and towards left in Southern hemisphere.
(C) Towards right in both the hemisphere.
(D) Towards left in both the hemisphere.

68  Which one of the following atmospheric layers absorb ultraviolet Q rays of the sun
(A) Troposphere (B) Stratosphere (C) ionosphere (D) Ozonosphere

69 The drainage pattern developed on folded sedimentary rock is termed as
(A) Trellis (B) Dendritic  (C) Radial (D) Deranged

70 Which one of the following is not a line of demarcation between two countries ?
(A) Durand Line (B) Mac Mahon Line (C) Plimsoll Line (D) Maginot Line

71 Water potential remains lowest in -
(A Water plants 5 (B Woody plants  (C Succulents  (D Halophytes

72 The free living bacterium in the soil which increases the yield of rice is
(A) Rhizobium (B) Azotobacter (C) Acetobacter (D) Anabacna

73. The human body’s largest blood vessel is
(A) Pulmonary artery (B) Aorta (C) Rental artery (I)) Coronary artery

74. In human body, which one of the following hormones regulates blood calcium and phosphate7?
(A) Glucagon (B) Growth hormone (C) Paraibyroid hormone  (D) Thyroxine

75. Each body segment of Earthworm is called
(A) Proglottid  (B) Metamere (C) Scolex  (D) Rostellum

76. How do most insects respire?
(A) Through skin (B) Through gills (C) By tracheal system (D) By lungs

77. in nuclear reactions, there is conservation of
(A) mass only  (B) momentum only (C) energy only (D)) mass, energy and momentum

78. When a particle and an antiparticle come in contact with each other, they
(A) repell each other (B) annihilate each other (C) go undisturbed D) spin about a common axis
79, Photoelectric effect is
(A) an instantaneous process (B) delayed process (C) emission of protons (D) emission of neutrons

80. for a particle moving with a constant speed along a straight line PQ. the hodograph is
(A) a straight line parallel to PQ (B) a straight line perpendicular to PQ (C) a point
(D) a circle

81. Which computer was the first to usc the magnetic drum for memory? —
(A) IM—65O
(B) IBM — 7090
(C) IBM—701
(0) IBM-360

82. Identify the FIFO (First In First Out) structure among the following:
(A) Stack (B) Queue (C) Dc-queue (I)) Array

83. Aluminum is obtained by the electrolysis of pure AI2O dissolved in
(A) Bauxite (B) Cryolile (C) Feldspar (D) Alumina

84. Complete hydrolysis  of cellulose gives
(A) D-fructose (B) L-glucosc (C) D-glucose (0) L-fructose

Staff selection commission combined graduate level exam General Knowledge GK / general awareness unsolved model question paper
Booklet No SSC Exam 30.08.2015 Evening Shift Questions Paper111 LPO


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