Tuesday 21 May 2013

UGC NET Exam Model question paper 2013 paper 1

University grant commission going to conduct a common written exam for the NET and JRF exam. in ugc net exam , questions of general awareness and general knowledge will be also asked in paper . This paper will be compulsory for all candidates. Here we upload general knowledge questions which was asked in various national level competitive examination . we will uploaded more model questions paper / sample question paper for ugc net exam 30 June 2013. so keep on checking here

85. Which of the following has zero electron affinity?
(A) Oxygen (B) Fluorine (C) Nitrogen (D) Neon

86. Reduction of nitrates to ammonia can be achieved through one of following methods:
(A) in alkaline medium using Devarda’s alloy.
(B) in neutral medium using Devarda’s alloy.
(C) in acidic medium using  Devarda’s alloy.
(D)) in neutral medium using Cupnic oxide.

87. The Red Data Books published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources enumerate
(A) Biodiversity parks and wild life sanctuaries in different countries.
(B) Centers of origin of cultivated plants.
(C) Centers of origin of all economically important plants.
(D) Threatened species of plants and animals.

88. Grits of sewage are removed in
(A) Grit chamber    (B) Detritus tank    (C) Skimming rank    (D) Trickling filter

89. Environmental impact assessment was first formally established m 1969 in which country?
(A) United Kingdom    (B) United States    (C) France (D) Netherlands

90. the most affected sulphur containing amino acid by PAN is
(A) Cyrteine (B) Methonine (C) Proline     D) Globuline

91. Who Women the Women Australian Open Singles Title in 2013?
(A) Scrcna Williams     (B) Victoria Azarenka    (C) LiNa    (D) Sharapova

92. The first non-Englishman elected as Chairman of the International Cricket
Council was
(A) Cydle Walcot (B) Gary Sobers    (C) linran Khan    (D) Sunil Gavaskar

93. Who was the first recipient of the “Bhaiat Ratna” Award posthumously’
(A) K. Kainaraj (B) Lal BahaLlur Shastri (C) M.G. Ramachandran (D) B.R. Ambedkar

94. For which language included in the Indian Constitution. The Jnanpith
Award has not been given upto 2011
(A) Sanskrit (B) Sindhi (C) Kashmiri (D) Konkani

95. Who is the first British Author to win the Man Booker Prize for fiction  twice?
(A) Peter Carey (B) J.M Coetzee (C) Hillary Mantel (D) None of the above

97. The two South American countries, which are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting  Countries (OPEC) are
(A) Ecuador and Brazil (B) Ecuador and Bolivia (C) Ecuador and Venezuela  (D)) Venezuela and Brazil

98. Who is the Chairperson National Green Tribunal?
(A) Markandey Katju  (B) Swatantra Kumar (C) Satyananda Mishra (D) K.G.  Balakrishnan

99. Which is the capital of Mali?
(A) Mopti (B) Barinako (C) Cairo (D) Nairobi

100. Which was the first film of Jaspal Bhatti?
(A) Power Cut (B) Mahaul Theek Hal  C) Thank You Jijaji (D) None of the three above

Questions From : SSC CGL 19 May 111 LP 0


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