Sunday 30 June 2013

CTET July 2013 Model Question paper Environmental Science EVS with Answer

CTET July 2013 Model Question paper Environmental Science EVS with Answer
Q out of the following Indian state which state dose not have any boundary?
Answer: Rajasthan

Q : the pollution level of a river is measure by
Answer: BOD

Q: the most important element of water affecting agriculture in India is
Answer: rainfall

Q: which is the coldest layer of atmoshphere?
Answer: Mesosphere

Q : which of the following is the green house gas
Answer: methane

Q project tiger was launched in India :
Answer : 1973

Q the imaginary line on the earths surface which closely follow 180 degree meridian is class
Answer: international date line

Q in which of the following state gulf of manner marine national park is situate
Answer : Tamil Nadu

Q according to census 2011 the sex ratio of India is
Answer: 940: 1000

Q : which of the following animal is called farmers friends
Answer : earthworm

Q : to save environment which state is associated with Chipko movement
Answer : Uttarakhand

Q : study of behavior of animal is studied in
Answer : Ethnology

Q : Sex wee is th chief source of
Answer  iodine

Q : lichen are
Answer : Symphonist

Q : CNG is used as fuel in
Answer : vehicles and industries
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