Sunday 30 June 2013

CTET Solved Question paper 2013 previous Year Paper with answer

CTET Solved Question paper 2013 previous Year Paper with answer
Q : environment awareness can be created by :
Answer: field visits

Q: the abbreviation of LPG stands for
Answer : Liquefied petroleum gas

Q ozone lays absorbs which rays before reaching the earth
Answer : ultraviolet rays

Q bat is mammal because it
Answer: giver birth to babies

Q environment is defined as
Answer: abiotic and biotic component

Q : which of the follow international organization is dedicated to the cause of wildlife conservation
Answer: UNFPA

Q : the chemical used for used shedding for artificial rain is
Answer silver iodide

Q Bio diesel is prepare from
Answer: Jatropha

Q the world ozone day  celebrated on
Answer : 16 September

Q siliviculture is related to
Answer: forest and forest product

Q chandprabha wildlife sanctuary Is situated in which of the following district
Answer : chandauli

Q which of the following is secondary consumer
Answer : snake

Q jhum cultivation is practice in
Answer “ Meghalaya 

Q : dry ice I the solid form of
Answer: Carbon  dioxide

 Environmental science model paper sample question paper free study material for CTET exam primary level and junior level for paper 1 and paper 2 download Question paper solution UPTET with answer


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