Saturday 27 July 2013

Railway main Exam for Non Technical NTPC Model Question paper

Various railway recruitment board are going to held a common written examination form Non technical graduate level examination on 18 august for those candidates who have recently declared qualified in pre examination.  Some of the important question as per as concern of railway RRB NTPC as are follows:

Q1 A light is the combination of smallest particle which Is known as
A Atom     B Neutron     C Positron     D Photon

Q2 when temperature of medium increase then Speed of Light become
A Decreased     B increased     C No changes    D decrease instantly

Q3 Traveling time of Light from moon to earth is
A 8 Minutes     B 8 second     C 1 Seconds     D 100 Seconds

Q4 Unit of work is
A Jul    B Newton     C Watt     D dyne

Q5 Curies is the unit of
A radio activity     B Temperature    C Heat     D Energy

Q6   Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature will be equal on 
A -40C     B 0C     C -300C     D 1centigrade    

Q7 when two Stones have equal mass dropped from a building then
A small stone reach first     B big Stone reach first     D Both Stone reaches at the same time     D its depends on the shape of Stones

Q8 Storm came when atmospheric pressure
A increased suddenly        B continuously increased     C decreased Suddenly        D decreased continuously

Q:9 which of the following formulae is correct
A  F+32/9=c/5        B F-32/9 =C/5     C F-5/9=C/32        D C*5/9=F/32       

Q10     Sonar is used by by
A Astronauts        B Doctors      C Engineers         D Navy

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Anonymous said...

only 10 questions?????????????? greatttttttttt

Anonymous said...

sir i cleared rrb bilaspur first stage will u plz provide me the detail syllabus for main exam

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