Saturday 27 July 2013

UP BTC Previous Year Question Paper

UP BTC training previous year Question paper UPBTC sample question paper for 1st , 2nd and 3rd semester examination
Subject : Child development and pedagogy     | bal manovigyan
Q1: which of the following is the responsible for changes in behavior of Child ?
A Inspiration          B Interest    C Advice     D Help

Q2: 20th will be “Centaury of Child “ this statement is made by ?
A Adler    B crow and Crow     C Skinner          D Kuppu swami

Q3: which of the following famous as the 1st primary learning hub of the child ?
A Environment    B Schools     C Society          D family

Q4 heredity of any person is the addition all birth level specialty, Said By
A Woodworth         B V.N. young         C Peterson    D Thompson

Q4 Study by MacDougall was based on
A Rabbits     B Childs     C   peas    D Rabbits and Peas

Q5 which of the following give there impact on maturity
A Exercise     B Environment     C physical activities     D consciousness

Q6 A successful Teacher  is
A who have less knowledge     B have incomplete knowledge    C know everything     D none of these

Q7 states of child developments are
A 3    B 4    C 2    D 5

Q8 “memory is the direct use of learned things”  this statement is given by
A Smith     B hallmen    C woodworth         D Skiner

Q9 founder of psycho analysis is     
A fayyad         B adloar     C Yung     D Gassol

Q10 which of the following has maximum importance as per as concern of Child Psychology?
A child Development         B child education     C child Development and Education     D child Adjustment

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please tell me in exams question paper will come in both english and hindi or only in hindi and can we write answers in english .in exams.

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